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Second Life Armageddon!

geschreven door Reggie

Second Life, de MMORPG over een tweede virtuele leven, heeft een denial-of-service aanval over zich heen gekregen. In de vorm van ronddraaiende gouden ringen werd de worm aanval verspreid:

"Spinning gold rings began to appear in the air and on the ground, and as users interacted with them they began to chase and replicate. Apparently, most people are willing to touch an object they've never seen before and this invoked a worm script that was designed to multiply and spread across the 2,700+ servers run by Linden Labs in California, the game's owner."

"Many of the six hundred thousand active users experienced serious lag and lost connectivity to the servers, making it one of the largest known denial-of-service attacks in an online game."

Inmiddels wordt er hard aan een oplossing gewerkt: "Linden Labs had to invoke martial law and lock out all logins by users except their staff as they began the task of cleaning the servers of what they began to term 'the grey goo."

Misschien krijgen de SecondLifers nu een kans om hun echte leven te gaan leiden!

Bron: Gamert

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